23:00 02-11-2007
jansegers metasearch engine
21:37 02-11-2007
jansegers an other way to search
02:34 28-10-2007
jansegers een alternatieve Chinese zoekmachine
19:27 12-10-2007
jansegers de belangrijkste Zuidkoreaanse zoekmachine en de vijfde grootste zoekmachine ter wereld.
17:29 04-08-2007
jansegers is "the first age-relevant search engine", whatever this would mean.
19:27 15-07-2007
jansegers is a new search experience...
17:48 15-07-2007
jansegers is a new way of searching the net going step by step from the known to the unknown.

It's a kind of human spidering...
02:45 15-07-2007
jansegers GPU search, the Global Processing Unit of
23:13 14-07-2007
jansegers is a metasearch engin based in the United Kingdom.
23:08 14-07-2007
Google-only searchers 'miss out on 72% of web' article on
22:12 06-07-2007
jansegers is a new search experience that is still in a pre-alfa stage, but you can ask to test it already: the new idea is to summerize the web-information about the subject you're looking for.
22:09 06-07-2007
jansegers Human powered search engin.
01:36 17-06-2007
jansegers a quite different search engin, relatively new apparently...
21:26 15-06-2007
jansegers is a search engin that gives half of its profits to charity and has quite unique search results.

So please check it now and then... I've just learned that in Spain 345 are called Jansegers
01:53 09-06-2007
jansegers seems to be a very interesting web2.0 search engin.
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